History of Hip-Hop Art

Hip-hop art  comes in different forms, may it be a song, a dance or a comic art. However, the very first style of hip-hop emerged as a song. It originated in New York, USA around 1970’s. This kind of music is characterized by oral and fast speaking telling a story of something or someone. Beatbox also came to follow this one and became the most influential music instrument using vocal sound. Rapping is the most common indication of a hip-hop music.

Hip-hop also includes breaking and shouting. The lyrics of a song also commonly rhyme at the ending of every line. In the expression of the oral lyrics, there is somewhat anger in it and there is something that can. Later, hip-hop dance also appeared and dancers come to wear very low waisted and too much loose pants. This scattered around 2000 and most countries developed their own method in rapping. Looping is a movement that does not disappear from hip-hop dancing.

There is a competition of hip-hop arts for most countries and America wins the crown for hip-hop dancing, singing and comic. In many cases, rappers come with weird look and there are so many identification that they they are rappers. First, they speak as if they are rapping. They have weird hair and another thing is that they have a low pant and it looks rugged too.

With modern hip-hop songs, they are mixed with R and B songs but rapping is still kept pure because it is the essence of the song.