Enjoyable Hip-Hop Comics

Look for this adorable and enjoyable hip-hop comics of all time and you will be very amazed by the artists of each and every piece. You will surely not leave these if you are a hip-hop fan.

Hip-hop Family Tree. This is the most famous hip-hop comic ever produced in the history of a hip-hop comic. The first volume of this one is sold in out in many parts of the world. Wherever you go, you will find that there is this comic book displayed in every corner of a book store. You might want to learn about this.

Method Man. Created by David Atchinson and company, the story is good for those who are not afraid of danger. Those who always want to hear a story of danger and how it can be solved. It is not a horror but it seeks to give an unpredictable danger.

Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl. This is a production of a Japanese hip-hop comic. There is quite  an amazing story behind this.  However, this comic art is done by Jose Garcia, a no Japanese blood.

Twelve Reasons to Die. This comic is really one of the best hip-hop comic. It is filled with humor and that it is created by Adrian Younge who sought to base this from Wu Tang clan. This comic is ever loved comic of all time.

DMC. This never fails to receive fame from comic readers. This is a comic produced by DMC and that it is based from superheroes. This is a good hip-hop comic regarding fantasy.