How to Draw Hip-Hop Comics

Hip hop comics is not that easy to draw if you know how t draw. Basically, there is no definite way on how you have to draw a comic. In fact, if you know how to create a comic, then you should also know how to draw a hip-hop comic. Just create a comic about hip-hop arts.

Hip-hop arts contain the rappers mind or the singers mind or anythings about a particular hip-hop song. Think of a hip-hop song and give a title on a comic art. It is not necessary that you have to get the title of a hip-hop song.

As you know, a comic is something that has a grid, content, a little conversation or even without it, and frame. Even if you only have a pencil with you, you can create a great strategy on how you would design a comic using the elements of a comic.

The hardest part of comic is the head a part. First you have to draw the eyes and make it proportion with the drawing of the face. After this, use the shape of the eyes to fit with the shape of the face. You can do easier completing the part of the head.

Some would do colorful comics in order to look more presentable. What makes a comic beautiful is the story and the suspense in it. So in making a hip-hop rap comic, there should be a story and a suspense behind it. Then after doing this, you can now publish your comic drawing or do whatever you want with it.